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Life just isn't the same withOUT one...

Hello there Boxer Lovers,

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Comments from the public:


I was just checking out your website and wanted to tell you that you have some beautiful looking boxers.  I am a vet technician in Oswego, NY.  My boyfriend and I have a 4 month old boxer pup. He came from a horrible breeder. Once I saw how thin and sad he looked I just couldn't leave him there. I am so glad to see that there are some great boxer breeders out there.  I have an older mixed breed that loves my new pup.  My plan is to get just boxers after he passes.  I didn't realize how wonderful this breed is. I am enclosing a pic of my puppy who I think is just adorable but no where near the quality of yours....

Continue with the great work!!


Riggs @ 16 weeks Old

Commented on 12-4-09

Feel Free to Contact me Call or Text me at: 630-542-1430


[email protected]


~ Thank you for showing love to Boxers

Boxer Puppies